Saturday, September 15, 2012

Intrusion 2 Is 20% Off On Steam, Features Physics-Based Action - Cinema Blend

published: 2012-09-15 15:28:17

One of the most wildly inventive side-scrollers to release this year is a game called Intrusion 2 by Aleksey Abramenko. The game fuses classic Contra-style run and gun action with new-school physics-based mechanics and vehicular interaction. It's almost like if Metal Slug, Gunforce and Just Cause 2 got together and had a Russian baby, it would be named Intrusion 2.

The game is typical lone-wolf soldier on a mission to stop some bad guys and he actually gets to ride a lone wolf in the game. I kid you not. There are mechs, swords, grappling hooks, physics-based interaction, a wide variety of weapons and nine action packed missions. Check it out and be “wowed” at the awesomeness of the game in the trailer below.

That game really does rock hard. It's so sad that only indie devs come up with this kind of stuff and do so without throwing away $20 million on a cookie-cutter concept.

There isn't too much more to say especially since there's a free demo and with the game being 20% off you only have to spend a measly $7.99. I mean, that's practically chump change (unless you live in America, that's two gallons of gas money to get back home after a day's work.)

Still, if you're looking for a hip, budget-priced title with new-school game mechanics and lots of fun factors, Intrusion 2 is a game worth checking out over on the official Steam page.


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