Tuesday, August 14, 2012

When It Comes To Physics, Kate Moss 'Really Knows Her Stuff' - Fashionista


We always had a hunch there was a thoughtful mind behind those wide-set eyes and that blonde hair. After all, Kate Moss must get tired of talking about clothes and photo shoots and Olympics closing ceremonies at some point, right?

So upon encountering British physicist Brian Cox at a party, as one does, everyone was shocked to find that Moss actually had something to talk about. “Kate was asking me some extraordinarily detailed questions about the universe. She really knows her stuff,” Cox told the Daily Mail. “She also had some questions from her daughter Lila Grace which were pretty complicated. I was impressed.”

Of course, he’s not your average physicist (not that we know a lot of physicists). But, he used to be in a rock band and in 2009, he appeared in People magazine’s Sexiest Men Alive.

So if anyone can get Kate Moss into physics, it’s a hot musician. And apparently Lila Grace is a genius. We can’t help but wonder if this could be an indicator of a post-modeling career for Kate? The Telegraph suggests that Moss and Cox collaborate on “a space-themed TV show (whilst both wearing pieces from Christopher Kane’s Resort 2011 cosmos-inspired collection preferably).” Kate Moss on a TV show? Talking? About space? We’d obviously watch.

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