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Team Ninja went 'hands-on' to make realistic breast physics in Dead or Alive 5 ... -


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Team Ninja went 'hands-on' to make realistic breast physics in Dead or Alive 5, fighters sweat and get dirty Speaking with PlayStation Universe Team Ninja producer, Yosuke Hayashi, said that the development team went "hands-on" with partners and other members of the studio in order to get the breast physics correct for Dead or Alive 5. While this sounds like a lot of fun â€" and potentially a lawsuit waiting to happen, they noted that female breasts jiggle and bounce realistically depending on what costume they're wearing â€" for those of you who get upset when breast physics don't properly reflect real world scenarios.

In another piece with EuroGamer, Hayashi said that the characters sweat as they're fighting, and will pick up dirt as they're knocked to the ground.

Despite these additions, Team Ninja stated that the gameplay will take center stage with Dead or Alive 5.

In the third bit, from VG247, Hayashi said that his ideal cameo would be Ryo from Shenmue, as they have a long standing relationship with Sega, including the first Dead or Alive game, which was built with the Virtua Fighter arcade engine.

For those of you who want an overview of the gameplay as it stands now, EMP|Perfect Legend did a write up covering things like critical bursts, and some of the ins and outs of the characters.

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