Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Madden 13: Spectacular Plays Generated from Infinity Engine Physics - Bleacher Report

The Infinity Engine for Madden 13 creates some awesome sequences during gameplay. Some of them are subtle, but they can make you forget you're actually watching a video game.

The slightest body contact generates a reaction, and the results are cool to see.

The engine isn't perfect, as there are some rag-doll physics issues here and there. But it isn't enough to wipe your memory clean of all the awesome plays you'll see.

Simple Dump-Off

Here is an example of a simple check-down pass from Ryan Fitzpatrick to Fred Jackson. The cool thing here is the way Jackson bounces off the tackles, and when he is brought down, he falls forward realistically:

Good Job, Good Effort

In this play, Montario Hardesty of the Cleveland Browns pulls off an exciting run. He doesn't score, but the amount of tackles broken was awesome, yet not over the top:

Dive For It

Watch in the next play as Arrelious Benn of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers dives across the middle to make a spectacular catch. Notice how the New Orleans Saints' defender falls on top of him. This is something that never occurred in previous Madden games:

Truck Stick, Bam!

In another Bucs highlight, LeGarrette Blount goes Beast Mode 2.0 on the Saints (well, almost) as he bowls over Jabari Greer. Notice how he steps over him as he continues his progress.

There wasn't a canned animation that sent Blount's foot through Greer's shoulder pads. 

The Pileup

Finally, we have the pileup.

This is the epitome of what the new physics engine can do. It literally allows for bodies to stack on top of other bodies. If you've ever watched an NFL game, you know these types of scrums happen routinely.

Strangely enough, Madden 13 is the first football game that has ever captured this subtle aspect of the game.

Check it out:

These instances just add to the overall quality of Madden 13. If you don't have it yet, you should at least take a peak at the demo on Xbox Live or PSN.

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