Sunday, June 24, 2012

Allahabad University's new trend: BA degree in physics - Times of India


ALLAHABAD: In a typical case of utter negligence, authorities of the Allahabad University have awarded a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree with Physics as one of the subject. Remarkably, the degree, awarded in the year 2011, bears the signature of present Vice-Chancellor Prof AK Singh.

The said degree, serial number 984, was awarded to Vaibhav Singh, son of Rajesh Singh, on July 29, 2011. Interestingly, Vaibhav whose enrolment number was U0522155 and I-Card number BA06/2608, was admitted for BA in the session 2005-06 and passed BA in session 2007-08 with medieval history, economics and philosophy as the three subjects. In his final year, Vaibhav had economics and philosophy as the two subjects. However, the degree awarded to Vaibhav, who hails from Varanasi, mentions economics, medieval history and physics as the three subjects. In his third year, the degree mentions Vaibav's subjects as economics and physics.

The callous attitude of AU authorities could be gauged from the fact while writing a degree at AU, the student concerned has to submit an application with the fee of Rs 100. A clerk prepares the degree after proper verifications of the records and then in his own handwriting mentions the details of the student concerned. The dealing clerk puts his signature on the backside of the hand written degree after which the degree is again checked by two clerks. After these verifications, it is the turn of the deputy registrar examination, in this case Ashok Kumar Kanojia, and the Controller of Examination, ie Prof HS Upadhayay, who too puts his initials on the back side of the degrees. After these steps of checking and verification, the degree then reaches the table of the V-C who puts his signature on the front side of the degree.

In this particular case too, the degree was checked several times before the V-C putting his signature, but none succeeded in noticing the mistake.

The mistake could not have surfaced had Vaibhav himself not informed the varsity authorities about their mistake. "Soon after getting the degree last month, we saw the mistake and informed the AU authorities and as per their directives, we have surrendered the degree back to AU," said Vaibhav's father, Rajesh Singh told TOI on phone from Varanasi. "We are now waiting for the new and corrected degree from AU, but the mistake on their side is serious," he added.

Commenting on the issue, controller of examination, Prof HS Upadhayay said, "This was a human error and we have awarded a new corrected degree to the student concerned." The university has taken action against the clerks, the writer of the degree, Ashok Singh and the degree checker, Bheembali Prajapati. "All of them have been removed from their posts," he added.

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